Key features


UniPi board is designed to fit the cheap and easy to use Raspberry Pi mini computer. It has 8 changeover relays, 14 digital inputs, single channel 1wire interface, 2 analog inputs 0-10V and one analog 0-10V output. Furthermore the second I2C port of the RPi features 5V level converter and ESD protection, so you can easily connect other devices. The same applies to the UART!

Does it have anything else that might be usable? Of course! It has Real Time Clock module so if your Pi looses power, the clock stays synced so when the system comes up, it will do everything as planned.

Hardware Introduction

Installed UniPi makes a complete system consisting of installed software and hardware. Following information will introduce you which part of this this system serves to which function.

Raspberry Pi - It’s a minicomputer which provides all the processing power. All the software for automation is installed inside. To give you a suitable analogy, Raspberry Pi is the brain of the whole system.

UniPi - Computer alone wouldn’t really work. Raspberry needs somehow to get in touch with all the sensors, extensions and other stuff. This is exactly what is UniPi for. It’s an add-on board with analog and digital inputs, outputs, relays and channels. It’s a bridge between the system’s brain (Raspberry Pi) and all connected devices.

Together, Raspberry Pi and UniPi makes that efficient PLC (programmable logic controller). In case you need more relays, outputs or inputs we provide various extensions. And we provide two types of these:

  • I2C extensions - these are connected via I2C channel, 1 after another make a chain of I2C extensions. Their communication is fast but in short distance (the length of the bus can reach more than 1 meter).
  • 1wire extensions - these extensions communicate via 1wire protocol. Their difference is slower communication but in much bigger distance (about 1 kilometer).

The final part of the system make all the devices connected into UniPi such as extensions, magnetic contacts or 1wire thermometers. 1wire thermometers provide easy installation. (Just plug it in and receive readings.)

Schéma prvků systému


Having a quality software is same important as having a quality hardware. Different solutions offer different possibilities. Finding a suitable software solution is the question of possibilities, difficulty of installation and setup, compatibility and support not even today but also in the future.

  • Compatibility - Our goal was to deliver product compatible with every popular software platform available today and we have succeeded. UniPi offers both Open Source and commercial solutions you can choose from and use it for home projects, industrial solutions or as a affordable and professional IEC normalized PLC controller - UniPi will handle everything that can be automated.
  • Support - You will always find help with each of the solutions. To some commercial softwares we provide help and advice to our customers directly or you get help from the company who developed it. Open Source solutions have great support of the community and documentation is not missing.
  • Installation - We have prepared packages for quick and easy installation, support may help you in case of some trouble set up is not a problem. Various solutions offers visual programming so the setup can be handled in a few hours.

Best part of this all is the number of possibilities you actually have. With so many supported softwares you can make clever and original solutions or new projects. Heating management, resource consumption monitoring, environmental conditions monitoring, security system, access management, automated lights and locks, cleaning machines - you can automate this all.

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