Standalone parking system


One of our customer has found an excellent way how to put UniPi in good use. He has thought up a completely standalone parking system which was subject of his diploma at university. The system takes place in Croatia and consists of open source software and modern IoT hardware.

As for the hardware, he uses two UniPi board controllers altogether with Raspberry Pi microcomputer. He also uses barcode readers with the protocol RS232, barcode scanners, serial printers for barcode tickets, LCD monitors, inductive loops and various additional hardware.

Speaking of software, system makes use of custom-made software along with open source. Everything runs on OpenSUSE linux distribution. Everything necessary handle POS application written in Lazarus IDE.

How does it works

Inductive loops in on the arrival side gives signal to the system to enable printing button. User then print a barcode ticket by pushing it. After printing of the ticket the entrance opens and allow driver to drive in. Inductive loop on the other side gives signal to close the gate after the car passes by.

When leaving, driver scans the barcode ticket at the parking payment machine. Operator on the other side in the toll station charges the bill. After the driver pays, receives exit barcode ticket. Then arrives to the gate. Inductive loop on the inner side sends signal of car’s presence, driver scans the code and then the gate opens. After passing outer inductive loop the gate closes and system resets to the original state.

GUI preview:


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