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PiDome is an open source software platform for domotica/home automation. Formerly written for Raspberry Pi for personal project this software become full-featured software solution actively developed and supporting various hardware devices. The platform is written in Java and this language is also used for custom implementation. Made in Netherlands.

PiDome has:

  • PiDome Server – server build consisting of the core and the web interface.
  • PiDome Client – while the web interface is primarily used for server configuration, Client is for actual control.
    • for Desktop
    • for Android
    • for Raspberry Pi

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PiDome Server

The server is designed to allow creating, connecting and controlling any device user wants. There are actively added interfaces for new devices. If you wish to connect new device for which compatibility has not been implemented yet you can make any protocol compatibility (Java is used for this) and then only plug it in.

Only restrictions are the supported system server is running on. For Raspberry Pi there is full support and there is also limited support for Windows.

The server has a web interface which primary purpose is server configuration but the direct control is also possible.


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PiDome Client

The Client’s primary purpose is to control the server unlike the web interface which is primarily for configuration. It is the the UI which apart from controlling server allows also sending messages to other clients and changing user presence states and controlling connected devices.

Can be installed in different systems supporting Java 8. It is designed the way any device connected to the server can be controlled via client. After installation client will find the server automatically – the only thing it needs is the name of the server.

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