UniPi Mervis Database

Each sold piece of UniPi with chosen Mervis as a software system has already included access to some of several cloud services. These services vastly increase application’s possibilities.


The picture describes systems’ services you will receive. UniPi controller running Mervis software is connected to the cloud where data are stored to database and can be accessed and further analyzed in SCADA interface.

The SCADA interface can be extended with various plug-ins and further connected to services at the client.

It used to be that control systems consisted of standalone devices. These received parameters from local operators and each controlled its own technical process. Today in modern control systems even the smallest devices can benefit from whole variety of cloud services. Today is the time of global interconnection.

Cloud database

With Mervis UniPi can store historical data received from individual data points (e. g. temperature readings, state of inputs/outputs etc.) to the cloud database. The data are stored in a specific way to allow high compression, easy administration and quickly scan, search and view in various ways. This option brings several advantages as listed below:

  • Data safedata that are stored to cloud are safe and their loss cannot occur.
  • Data accessiblecollected data are easily accessible to anyone with connection to the Internet and allowed access.
  • Data reviewedall the stored data can be displayed with a dedicated program Viewer. With Viewer you can analyze and show data in many different sophisticated ways.