Mervis is a service for complex supervision of all operated technologies. This cloud service provides centralized data processing and their easy availability for local operating personnel, central supervision and, if needed, management access.

It can totally replace local control center and moreover adds functions for advanced data evaluation, reports and effortless access from mobile devices for variety of employees. Thanks to being entirely open Mervis can be freely connected to additional systems which need to further work with the operational data.


SCADA – (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) – ensures basic functions of the system to monitor and to manage the controlled technology. SCADA provides three modes: list of data points, graphic technological diagrams and historical charts and overviews. You may connect multiple buildings to one SCADA.

Energy dashboard - A specialized module designed for monitoring and evaluation of energy and media consumption. ED compares the remotely stored energy consumption with a mathematical model used both as a comparison base and consumption forecast for several next days.

Database - Values from the single data points are periodically stored in the database. Provides fast search and display of the required data at the same time. Find out more

Weather - To optimize the control in specific buildings, online data from the weather forecast can be used.

Notificator - Enables notifying about nonstandard situations, failures, and emergencies. The system is able to communicate via SMS, emails and also can send messages to user’s help desk

Plugins - Allows extending system with company-made and third-party plugins.

Report - Generates special user reports as combinations of predefined xls files created by the client and historical database data automatically added to the xls files

Video tutorials and documentation

Mervis features complex IDE and for many users it may seem difficult to begin. That is why we work on starting tutorials and good documentation. Below you can see first video of our tutorial and also the list of all chapters.

List of all chapters:

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Mervis IDE


SCADA – web interface

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Sample HMI screen


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