One of the not-free software, which exists in 2 variants, HS3 for ($249.95) & HS3PRO for ($599.95) Home Automation Software. HS3 is an advanced home automation software that’s designed to work with lighting, thermostats, door locks, security systems, audio-video equipment, irrigation systems, garage doors, environmental sensors, IP cameras, etc. HS3 supports multiple instances of plug-ins, what will appreciate users with multiple interfaces (compatible with Z-Wave, X10 and other popular protocols). To simplify the organization of your smart home, HomeSeer offers interesting apps and tools as a supplement to HS3 or HS3PRO and it has a few interesting features, like it can be Activated and Programmed by voice.

Both programs feature the same functionality. However, HS3PRO also includes licenses for HSTouch Designer (advanced graphical user interface (GUI) system, which ¬†allows users to fully customize their control screens (“projects”), make their own backgrounds and buttons with useful Drag&Drop design area and which work with Free HS3Touch Android, Apple, Linux and Windows Apps) and for all HomeSeer branded software plug-ins.

Click here to review the complete list of plug-in apps.

Here is a list of few useful features:

HSTouch for use with Smart Phones and Tablets

HSTouch is touchscreen and mobile app system for HS3. HSTouch is designed to work with all Apple and Android mobile devices; the client app is also available as a free download in the Apple app store and Google Play store. Clients are also freely available for Windows, Windows CE and Linux devices. HS3PRO users receive the fully customizable version of HSTouch.

Program Navigation

HS3 program navigation has useful cascading menus. Jump quickly from one part of the interface to any other. The menu bar remains active and always available even when scrolling down pages.

Event Creation System

HS3 uses full boolean logic and a simplified workflow, coupled with better event organization. HS3 supports unlimited event groups with unlimited events in each. Group conditions and group actions make event creation even more powerful.

Event Grouping Feature

Events may be organized into groups, such as “Manage Lighting” or “Control My Thermostats”. Each event can have it’s own conditions and actions and each group can also have group conditions and group actions. With HS3, you can quickly and easily alter the behavior of any or all events within a group by change just one group condition or group action.

Customizable Real time Device Status View

Device Status view allows users to create graphical views of the system and monitor device status in real time. It has a built-in drag / drop editor to place the locations and devices where is needed. The status view may be monitored in any web browser .

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