EVOK is an open source software solution developed to run on Raspberry Pi computer and provide control over UniPi controller board. Main functions of this system are reading inputs of sensors and third-party devices, control and management of outputs. It can be used as a control software for smart home solutions, boilers, access control, touchscreen displays, watering systems and vast amount of other possibilities.


Regulating boilers is the very basic part of EVOK. Poorly regulated heating has the greatest share of operating expenses. EVOK can easily adapt to constant change of heating requirements and also make use of weather forecast heating only when necessary during the cold weather.

Every-day life can be made easier. Provides optimal indoor temperatures, energy loss prevention, light switching, heating water, simple control, operation without maintenance and more solutions for automation. EVOK can manage multiple devices and solutions not compatible with each other.

Monitoring provides vital and necessary data for the system. In complex solutions EVOK can handle thousands of sensor constantly sending their readings for processing – sensors such as thermometers, hygrometers, electricity meters, gas meters, water meters and more.

It can also show necessary data in charts, graphs and diagrams.


  • Possible optimization of energy consumption
  • Complex Smart home solutions
  • Based on Linux OS – it is completely free and open source
  • Can help build both centralized or decentralized system
  • Wired or wireless
  • Automated behaviour with help of self-teaching algorithms
  • Data processing and advanced calculations on remote servers
  • Possible connection of multiple systems (easy integration, modularity, independance)
  • PCM (Predictive Control Model)
  • IRC (Individual Room Control)
  • Central heating management, saving resources and lowering expenses
  • Accessible via mobile phone or computer
  • Touchscreen supported
  • Data storing and deep analysis
  • 3G communication with remote server



ISO certified – ISO 27001, ISO 9001