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Domoticz is an open source platform for home automation control. Its web user interface is made in HTML5 and all the browsers are supported. It supports multiple operating systems, either desktop or mobile and allows alerts and notifications.

While Domoticz UI is made in HTML5, Domoticz itself is written in C++ code. This automation software can control RFXCOM Transceiver, Z-Wave, P1 Smart Meter, YouLess Meter, Pulse Counters, 1-Wire, EnOcean and other technologies.


  • Simple design
  • iPhone / Android push notifications
  • Extended logging
  • Manual creation of switch codes
  • Auto Learning sensors / switches
  • Share / Use external devices


UI Screenshots

Domoticz UI 1

Domoticz UI 3

Domoticz UI 2

Domoticz UI 4