The Smart Factory Unit: UniPi helps to make industry smarter

Belgian packaging company Van Genechten Packaging came up with another way how to use UniPi in an efficient and smart way. Their used it in their own project – the SFU which stands for Smart Factory Unit. This invention helps them to control and monitor multiple things and processes inside their factory making the fabrication even more effective.

The SFU gives many possibilities and below you can view a few clever utilizations:

  • SFU energy allows easy energy consumption reading and monitoring.
  • SFU thin client makes an easy access from machine inside the factory to company’s Enterprise Resource Planning system.
  • SFU meteo always checks temperature, humidity and pressure in factory units.
  • SFU music controls music system at the company’s reception accessible via a web page.
  • SFU counter manages easily work with machine counters.
  • SFU loading dock automatically checks and books palettes loaded in trucks.

Everything was handled by original controller which stopped to be at disposal due to the issue with supplier. The problem increased expenses and company also missed a lot of functionality. With UniPi controller board the problem was easily solved and UniPi’s features were more than enough to satisfy.

One of the most important technical applications which UniPi made possible was a barcode scanner with RS-232 standard connectors for reading pallet labels which are moved into trucks.

Another vital technical utilization is made of one or two RFID readers plugged into UniPi controller for tracking pallets going into and out of a machine. The machine is twenty meters long and with RS422 – RS485 the distance can be easily covered.

The used third-paty devices both plugged into UniPi controller board and absolutely no problem has occurred as UniPi is fully compatible with third-party gadgets.

Not only UniPi proved to be perfect substitute for the original SFU controller but also made further automation of the factory unit possible.

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Smart factory units with UniPi Board in the center and RFID reader on the left of it

Smart factory units with UniPi Board in the center and RFID reader on the left of it


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