Small size, great performance = meet NEURON S!

Do you want to increase your comfort and lower your energy costs? That’s no problem with NEURON!

NEURON type S is the smallest from NEURON controllers. It is a lightweight monitoring and measuring unit, however, it has all the features of professional controllers.

UniPi Neuron model S100 with circuit screw clamps removed.

UniPi Neuron model S100 with circuit screw clamps removed.

Neuron S can be used as a smarthome controller as it’s great for energy monitoring and data collection, and it can be used also as feature-rich gateway for other systems. It allows you to interconnect several incompatible systems into one automation network!
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“For example, do you want to control your boiler? Use 1-Wire bus for digital thermometers, with digital outputs and external relays you turn the boiler on and with electrometers connected to digital inputs you measure your consumption. With analogue output you regulate boiler performance and all data, and Ethernet interface allows the remote control! More comfort, less costs for heating!”

NEURON S comes in three models which differ in processor performance and RAM size. It can have up to 1GB RAM and 4×1.2GHz CPU! That’s the best performance in this class!
Also, Neuron S has excellent response time. Response time between signal on input and reaction on output reaches 0.5 ms!
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