The Smart Factory Unit

The Smart Factory Unit (SFU)
Some examples and a shot description :
- SFU energy : reading the power consumption of our datacenters and factory
- SFU thin client : access in the factory at the machine to our ERP system
- SFU meteo : reading the temperature/humidity/pressure in our datacenters
- SFU music : music system at our reception accessible with a webpage
- SFU counter : reading (print/cutting/finishing) machine counters
- SFU loading dock : automatic checking and booking of pallets which are loaded in the truck



The proof of concept we are buzzy with is a “Work in Progress tracking”.   With RFID we want to tag every internal pallet in the factory.
With a sensor (24V) we know when a pallet is going into the machine or when it’s coming out.  At that moment we trigger the RFID reader.  The device is linked with a “RS485/422/232 to USB” cable into the raspberry pi.
Also a distance senor is installed.  We can trigger it with the analogue output and can read the measurement (= height of a pallet) with the analogue input (0-10V signal).
All this data (timestamp, RFID tag ID, height) is collected by the Unipi board mounted on a DIN rail in a box and is send to our ERP system for processing.  With the relays we can also give some feedback to the operator at the machine.
New SFU loading dock implementations in the future will be made with your Unipi board instead of our own extension board and external relay board.