Municipal water supply

One of four favorite use of UniPi is based in a municipality in Czech Repuiblic.

2 separate UniPis and remote dataloger have easy task: To maintain consistent water supply for 300 residents with insufficient supply of water.

The UniPis control 2 water sources (30hl water reservoir and well) and evaluate data from 4 water meters.

All data are uploaded to cloud via general 3G internet connection which gives our users a great possibility of using UniPi without dealing with the problem of the two UniPis to talk to each other

All data has about 30MB per month, so there is minimum fee for mobile operator.

Data analyze and precise monitoring discovered a big problem with the water distribution system which makes loss of 600liters per hour, which partly caused insufficient water for the residents in dry months.

Thanks to real time data from the UniPis the authority were able to detect all leakages and solve all other problems causing savings of 5 256 000l iters of water per Year.