Key features


All data, which your system is gaining, can be immediately uploaded to the cloud, to our secure online database, so you can check and control anytime, anywhere from your mobile, tablet or computer. You can also set permanent and temporary sharing of your database or its part with certain people when you need.
Save energy. Set the acceptable limits for heating or light intensity for every room, depending on time and year season. Check the review of your consumption for the last week, month or year on understandable chart. Manage the effective using of the energy made from your private sources (integration of photovoltaics in modern houses).
Heat exactly as much as you need, precisely when you need. Lower your energy bills. And you don’t need a whole new equipment. For example if you already have an opentherm boiler installed just connect it to the UniPi.
To optimize the control in specific buildings, online data from the weather forecast can be used. Data from this module are utilized by the regulating system which separately achieves savings for as much as 7%!
When the nonstandard situation, failure, or emergency occurs, system is able to communicate via sending SMS or informative e-mail, and within the system, the workflow can be previously set.