Automated residence in Sweden

Introduction of the Smart residence

Our smart home controller board finds its use in many places and many projects. Automated villa from 70’s owned by Anders Kjellström is one of them. Anders is politically committed to stop global warming by improving energetic consumption efficiency. His residence uses solely electricity to power all the needs of comfortable living.

In the project Anders also used along with our technology many gadgets and technologies for the home automation. Project includes both modern wireless and wired devices. As a software he uses EVOK along with his own developed system BehovsBo. Both technological sides are described in detail later in the article.

The residence this article is about is located in Sweden. In the beginning the villa was badly isolated and annual electricity consumption was 35 000 kWh. Anders’s goal was originally to lower the consumption to 80%28 000 kWh. With thorough isolation and complete automation he has managed to lower the actual annual consumption to 10 000 kWh (~28,6%).

About the technology and nifty features of the residence

The residence was poorly isolated at first. For temperature measurement of each separate room were used “dallas thermometers” which communicate via 1-wire protocol. One temperature sensor was put outdoors as well. Measured temperatures can be viewed in the BehovsBo interface.

There are four solar collectors installed onto the residence’s roof. There is also a geothermal heat pump. During the summer months, the heat from the sun is used for water heating. When the winter comes, the heat is pumped with the geothermal heat pump instead. The electricity provides BehovsBo system.

In the residence there is also hydronic underfloor heating and FTX unit.There are also pipes in the ground. In those the air is preheated before it goes into FTX unit. The unit then filters the air off the harmful fumes and moisture, supplying the indoor air with fresh and healthy air.

Sample solar panels roof image

As for the internet connection, the house has optic fiber to the home. BehovsBo system is connected to the network as well as computers and cameras. Doors and windows are equipped with sensors and there are also occupancy sensors. In BehovsBo there Anders can set the system to mode “not at home”. If anyone visits the residence while this mode is on, the alarming email is send to villa’s owner.

Other nice features of the residence are dimmable LED lighting, central vacuum cleaner system and automated shutter, which sets themselves depending on the sun light intensity. Some readers may find interesting automatic mower, he has in the garden. Anders also uses electric car. In the garage there is an induction charger for it which is the future of recharging technology.

The schema of residence connections taken from BehovsBo Homepage.

The schema of residence connections taken from BehovsBo Homepage.

Behovsbo as control software

As mentioned before, Anders has developed his own proprietary software called BehovsBo. Originally the system had closed source but later author has published it on GitHub. The supported languages is English and Swedish.

BehovsBo is also connected to the FTP server of There it monitors electricity prices and buys when the price is low. This piece of code has its web interface in which user can view indoor temperatures for each separate rooms as well as outdoor temperatures.

If you wish to try his system out, it is available demo for it. System uses custom certificate, so the browser may alert you that the connection is not secure. The login is “root” and the password is “root”.

Many wireless devices in the Anders’s residence are wireless, these communicate with the 6LoWPAN protocol which is bases in IPv6 and radio standard IEEE 802.15.4. BehovsBo system can be integrated to the Threat as well, which is modern technology for smart home mesh networks (find out more about it).

BehovsBo web interface

This section is a gallery of screenshots BehovsBo demo web interface.

BehovsBo Demo - room temperature settings

BehovsBo Demo – room temperature settings

BehovsBo Demo - admin settings

BehovsBo Demo – admin settings

BehovsBo Demo - electricity spot prices overview

BehovsBo Demo – electricity spot prices overview

Useful links

If you want to find out more on your own, here are some useful links to start:

*System uses its own certificate, it will show you “connection is not secure”.