Our projects

Here you can find out more about already finished projects realized.

Datacenter heating management

It is technologically most-complex project of the Evok system. We used all the modern technologies for smart buildings plus MaR cooling for datacenter and heating of the building nearby. It is a smart technology put in use in clever solution, which has user-friendly out-puts and fully-automatic behavior. Learn more

Infrared barrier as security fence

How can UniPi help to protect your land and property? In South Moravia, Czech Republic agricultural company used UniPi to ensure security of their estates. To monitor any movement photoelectric sensors and motion sensors were put in the area. After intrusion, person in charge is informed both by email and user interface. Learn more

Municipal water supply

UniPi was installed as a successful solution for insufficient water supply in small village Hvozdec, Czech Republic, to maintain the consistent water supply for 300 residents and to provide clear statistics of water consumption. Thanks to real time data from UniPi all leakages were detected, which resulted in saving liters of water per Year. Learn more

Hotel’s heating management

With UniPi we build easy to use control and management for hotel central heating. This project quickly proved to be a good idea as it made everything more convenient for personnel and saved 55% of annual heating expenses. Learn more

ZigBee prototype project

This project has first tested wireless compatibility with our system. UniPi together with ZigBee takes care of the cottage in the Austrian Alps. It is the break through in our development and opens a new field of possibilities as UniPi is no more just wired control system. Learn more

Smart Brewery

Balloon Brewery Radešín is a fully automated brewery build completely on our technology using UniPi and Mervis software. This means that the whole operation of the Smart Brewery could be done by one person at all! And, of course, there are great savings on the energy costs and the whole brewing process is remarkably simplified. Isn’t that awesome? Learn more

Customer references

Here is an overview of our customer’s projects they shared with us so every one can inspire himself. We are proud that UniPi helps such a great ideas to become real. If you have any idea or project running on UniPi board sure let us know at

The Smart Factory Unit

Belgian packaging company used UniPi in their own project, Smart Factory Unit, which helps them manage multiple things and processes inside the factory and makes the fabrication more effective. Not only UniPi proved to be perfect substitute for the original SFU controller, but also made further automation of the factory unit possible. Learn more

Roller conveyors controlled by UniPi

One of our customers used several UniPi boards powered by REX controls software to control roller conveyors in his factory. The control of conveyors in a logistic system is based on a product type obtained from a barcode reader. Learn more

Heating and cooling system combined

A certain Czech company focusing on security and residing in Brno has decided to improve both air conditioning system and central heating. Everything is balanced and minimizes unnecessary energy waste. The company has also better overview of the heating during the whole year, figures out which room requires better isolation and what is the most important servicemen reveal malfunctions quickly and conveniently. Learn more

Parking system control

One of our customer thought up a standalone parking system which was subject of his diploma at university. The system consists of open source software and modern IoT hardware – two UniPi board controllers altogether with Raspberry Pi microcomputer, barcode readers with the standard RS232, barcode scanners, serial printers for barcode tickets, LCD monitors, inductive loops and various additional hardware. Learn more

Wood chip boiler controller

One of our Swedish customers has created a smart controller for wood chip boiler and develops it as open source project. Whole project is called openBC and is published on github. Learn more

Toroidal tank cleaner

UniPi as a controller for the toroidal tank cleaner and stress test machine which uses oil and air for cleaning and stress testing. Learn more

Automated residence in Sweden

Our customer Anders Kjellström has completely automated his villa from 70′s and made it comfortable adding many cool features. The most important is vastly lowere electricity consumption. Learn more