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Product Description

REX Starter for Raspberry Pi

Contains modules:

  • RexCore
  • Standard function blocks
  • 1-Wire driver
  • Raspberry Pi driver

Turn your Raspberry Pi minicomputer into a programmable controller (PLC) with the runtime core of the REX Control System.

The Raspberry Pi can easily become the central control unit of your hobby or education project. Raise your DIY applications to another level by industry-proven control algorithms.

The programming is done graphically using the so-called function blocks. Standard function blocks of the REX Control System cover the most typical tasks in control and automation, ranging from simple logic operations to PID control and signal filtering. All function blocks and input/output signals can be monitored and recorded in real-time.

Further includes the driver for Raspberry Pi GPIO, PiFace Digital, UniPi and Intellisys PIO expansion boards and 1-Wire sensors and actuators (via OWFS). Plus you can always connect the Arduino microcontroller.

Components of the REX Control System

The REX Control System is an open and scalable system suitable for embedded control. It can be used for various target platforms with the C and C++ compilers, ranging from single-purpose control boards with simple real-time executive to process stations with standard operating systems (Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Windows CE, GNU/Linux, Phar Lap ETS, etc.). The REX Control System is a standalone product, however if the license of MatlabSimulink1 system is available, it is possible to benefit from its compatibility with the REX Control System and exploit its simulation capabilities for testing the designed control algorithms before deployment. As soon as the control algorithm is ready for downloading to target platform, it is compiled to binary configuration files which are sent to the target device by a TCP/IP based protocol and the control algorithm is started immediately. The function blocks of the REX Control System [1] are available for all target platforms and for Simulink. On the other hand, the REX Control System is fully functional without Simulink as it includes its own graphical development environment for the design and deployment of advanced control algorithms.


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