Neuron xS10

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RS485 modbus extension module

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Product Description

Neuron extension xS10

Neuron xS10 is an extension unit for Neuron controller units allowing you to further extend your

automatization network with additional I/O’s. It has its own processor and may function

independently on the controller unit. Ideal for both monitoring and control of external devices

(boilers, three-way valves, lights, door locks and other switched devices).


 16 × Digital input 4-24 V DC

 8 × Relay output max. 5 A at 250 V AC / 30 V DC

 Custom LED indicators

 RS485 (for Modbus communication)

 Recommended power supply 24 V DC, 0.63 A


Additional unique functions

Along with basic I/O features this product offer additional unique features, either improving its

performance or making it ready for cases of emergency.


Direct Switch

Direct switch allows you to set appropriate device reaction based on input signal without a need of

master control unit (Raspberry Pi computer build inside Neuron controller). This function is great for

real time applications. It also comes in handy in case of malfunction of master control unit.


Default configuration

It is possible to store default settings inside the module memory and when the device reboots, it

configures itself according to stored default settings.


Master Watchdog

This function periodically controls communication with master control unit (Raspberry Pi computer).

If for a period predetermined by user there is no communication with master unit. It will load and set

the stored default settings. Your applications will function even in emergency cases.


Device addressing and DIP switch settings

Addressing of extensions is done either via control software running on remote master control unit

or is set manually via integrated DIP switch. The DIP switch allows you to set 4 bits of address and is

evaluated in preference to software settings. If the address on DIP switch is set to “0000”, all DIP

switch settings is ignored and the software settings takes over.

For more information about addressing and other product features please review the product


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