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Professional software for home automation and regulation -Mervis runtime lifetime license for UniPi

Mervis RT is running only on Raspberry Pi, so you just install Windows software Merbon IDE to your computer and the system is ready for you to start configurating your new smart home. With Mervis HMI you can create and design your local web exactly according to your needs. You will get also login for remote proxy server which allows you to access your UniPi remotely in any network, and 10 data points for storing your data on Mervis Database for free.

Easily configurable: UniPi with Mervis software is in accordance with the IEC 61131-3 standard for PLCs, one can easily configure the whole system and set it to the final, user-friendly form. It can be freely connected to additional systems, which need to further work with the operational data. It responds to present-day requirements of functional and flexible systems. With the help of modern cloud technology, a constant updating of the system with immediately available new functions is ensured.

Compatibility: System offers very unique and wide spectral compatibility with older systems, so practically everything (opentherm boilers, smoke detectors, etc.) what is already installed can be connected to UniPi. All the posibilities of distant control and management are immediately possible, and you don’t need a whole new equipment.

Technical solutions: For the connected building, a data file is defined which specifies the means for data display and communication with terminal equipment. The display has three basic modes:

• as a list of data points
• as graphic technological diagrams
• as historical charts and overviews

Values from the single data points are periodically stored in the database. In this database, the data are saved in a special form which enables storing and managing great amount of data (in the order of billions and more records) and fast search and display of the required data at the same time. Mervis could store data for up to seven days in internal memory, so no data will be lost in case of communication loss.


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