Unipi’s debut: put waste heat in good use

The first project UniPi controller board takes place in is central heating using produced waste heat built in the year 2014. This project was realized in data center of our mother company – Faster CZ s. r. o. in order to cleverly cope with heat produced by servers 24/7 and actually make a good use of it.

The system is controlled by EVOK open source software that smoothly runs on UniPi hardware. This software allows to easily control and monitor every single automated part of the building by reading and analyzing inputs and outputs on UniPi board and user can easily access it via UI on the Internet.

The system includes complex self-learning algorithms that were added to the boiler room in order to avoid unnecessary heating. This system constantly optimize itself and capabilities of prediction are continuously improved and enhanced.Project allowed to get rid of heat of server room’s cooling water, preheating of service water, building’s central heating and hot air heating in the warehouse.

Temperature readings and air humidity is provided by many digital thermometers and hygrometers placed at the vital positions all over the building. This way nothing is forgotten and software receives necessary data.

Except the automated central heating data center has many additional features installed – security features such as movement indicators, camera system, access system using RFID, interior features such as light management, digital switches, hygrometers and energy consumption meters etc. – and UniPi handles it all!

Company also got useful knowledge that can be put in use in future projects and about which you can discover more here.

The project brought to the center the luxury of complete automation, effective monitoring and spared the company of higher heating and cooling expenses as well as helps to save our ecosystem.

If you have any interesting idea or project running UniPi sure let us know at info@unipi.technology!

Boiler room controls in the EVOK user interface

Boiler room controls in the EVOK user interface

Overview of the server room

Overview of the server room

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