New product line UniPi NEURON is coming!


After a year of hard developement, we’ve created a new product line of UniPi controllers, UniPi NEURON.
It is a modular PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for Smart Home and Smart building systems, HVAC (Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning) management and industrial automation. Thanks to the modular and compact design, NEURON offers unique feature variability combined with the greatest performance in it’s class (1GB RAM and 4×1.2 GHz CPU)!


NEURON allows user to precisely measure temperatures, humidity, light intensity or energy consumption. It gives the possibility to log various events and brings a convenient way to avoid waste of energy resources.

NEURON Modularity concept

NEURON comes in three types (S, M, L) which differ in size and number of I/O modules and the features of each type are further optional.

“As automation technology finds its use everywhere, we’ve created a unique modularity concept for NEURON. Although everything is hidden in metallic boxes, the architecture of NEURON brings variety of modules connected together. These offer different useful combinations and user can pick either from preselected I/O combinations or customize completely new combination.”

All NEURON units can be installed into 35 mm DIN rail used in racks. Each unit type has size of either 4, 8 or 12 modules on DIN rail. The table below shows all standard preselected model combinations with a list of variable inputs and outputs.

NEURON types

Type S is a lightweight monitoring and measuring unit. It is also suitable as minicontroller or a gateway for other system. It allows to interconnect several incompatible systems into one automation network.
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Type M has more inputs and outputs and it is more universal. It is more than sufficient for smaller automation projects, smart homes and buildings, office HVAC control or advanced energy monitoring.
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Type L is the most advanced type of NEURON line, which gives enough inputs and outputs for more extensive projects and is suitable for complex automation systems.
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“Question is, which one is the right for me?”


We are accepting pre-orders from now on, and to every NEURON now you can get a free Mervis software (a professional PLC software designed particularly for control of technical equipment in smart buildings, monitoring, evaluation, and management of energy and media consumption, which facilitates energy and media savings of up to 30%)! All you have to do is just pick up Mervis as a software in our shop!

3 thoughts on “New product line UniPi NEURON is coming!

  1. Hugues-Olivier Yar / Reply 2016/08/08 at 12:02 pm


    Very nice new product range.

    Just one question: is microsd card with operating system if given with product or not ? if yes, size of card is missing in datasheet.

    best regards,

    • Adam / Reply 2016/08/09 at 9:25 am

      microsd card isn’t included. We have more possibilities of sd cards, so its customer choice.

      Adam Skorpik

  2. Alex / Reply 2016/08/09 at 4:36 pm

    Looks interesting but i have a few questions:
    1.) Besides the metal housing, what is the difference betwenn a Unipi Building Set and a Neuron M103?
    2.) Ist the power supply included in the package and can it be installed on thr rack itself or do i need to plug into a 230V socket?

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