New extension modules are in stock!

Great news for those who are waiting for more extension modules! We have prepared four new types of them:

  • Analog output extension module – 4x Analog output, 12xPWM connected via I2C. Can be used for proportional controlling of analog devices. Perfect for those, who needs more AO’s than the one on UniPi.
  • 1Wire 8x Relay – Do you need to add relays at longer distance from UniPi or add relays to your 1Wire topology? This extension module is exactly for you!
  • 1Wire 4x Relay, 4x Digital Input – The same applies for this extension module. Moreover you’ll also get digital inputs for reading states of connected devices.
  • 8 channel 1wire expander – This is the perfect solution for those who need to connect up to hundred of 1Wire slaves!

All these amazing modules are available in our e-shop and we are ready to ship them in a few weeks!


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