New 1Wire products from a subcontractor

Dear UniPi fans, we found some great products for 1Wire protocol!

1Wire Relay Card


  • 4 relay outputs capable of switching 4A@230V AC.
  • 4 opto isolated inputs (5-30V DC 10mA max.).
  • Power supply 12V DC 200mA max.
  • Power connection via coaxial DC plug or screw terminals.
  • 1-Wire interface is galvanically isolated from the main power supply to avoid ground loops.
  • 1-Wire connections via standardized RJ45 jacks or screw terminals.
  • DS2408 can be powered parasitically, via an external 5V line or via the on board 5V supply

4x Relay + 4x Digital Input

1Wire Current Loop Interface


  • Converts standard industrial current loop signals (4-20mA) to 1-Wire.
  • Enables the connection of industrial sensors (temperature, pressure, load cells, …) to a 1-Wire network.
  • Opto-isolated current loop input with overcurrent protection.
  • Power supply 5V DC 10mA max. via 1-Wire interface (all other necessary voltages are generated by the circuit itself).
  • Based on DS2438 1-Wire chip (battery monitor).
  • Built with 0,1% precision resistors where necessary (Panasonic ERA series).
  • DS2438 1-Wire chip is powered from a precision 5V supply for maximum accuracy.
  • 1-Wire connections via standard RJ45 jacks or screw terminals.

Current loop interface

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