Neuron – Technical details

Types and models

Neuron product line has three product types and each type has several standard models. Each model has different number of inputs and outputs and has a different processing unit.

Explanatory notes:

  • DI – Digital Input
  • DO – Digital Output
  • RO – Relay Output
  • AI – Analog Input
  • AO – Digital Output

Feature description

This part introduces inputs, outputs and interfaces of the Neuron product line. All NEURON types have these features:

  • 4× Digital output
  • 1× Analog input
  • 1× Analog output
  • 1× RS485
  • 1× Ethernet 10/100 Mb
  • 1× 1-Wire

Standard NEURON models have variable amount of digital inputs and relay outputs as shown in the table below:

Models Number of Digital Inputs Number of Relay outputs Size on DIN rail 35 mm
S101, S102, S103 4 0 4 modules
M101, M102, M103 12 8 8 modules
M201, M202, M203 20 14 8 modules
M301, M302, M303 34 0 8 modules
M401, M402, M403 4 28 8 modules
L201, L202, L203 36 28 12 modules
L301, L302, L303 64 0 12 modules
L401, L402, L403 4 56 12 modules

Processing unit

Model S / M / L Model of Raspberry Pi CPU RAM
xx1 Pi 1 Model B+ 0.7 GHz 512 MB
xx2 Pi 2 model B 4× 0.9 GHz 1 GB
xx3 Pi 3 model B 4× 1.2 GHz 1 GB

NEURON can have three models of Raspberry Pi with a different performance. Last number (1-3) of technical name signifies which of the three Pi models the unit has. E. g. model M303 has 1.2 GHz and 1 GB RAM.

Communication interfaces

All NEURON units features communication interfaces for 1-Wire bus and Modbus together with Ethernet 10/100 Mb.


1-Wire is a device communication bus system. It suitable for simple data transmission over long distances. In a single channel there can be connected up to 20 1-Wire devices such as temperature or humidity sensors.

Modbus & RS485

Modbus is a communication protocol which uses RS485 interface. It allows to connect many different devices supporting the same protocol to NEURON controller unit. Then it can be easily programmed within the software supporting Modbus.


NEURON is CE certified. Products of this product line are in accordance with the following standards:

EN 60950-1 ed. 2
EN 61000-6-3 ed. 2
EN 55014-1 ed. 3
EN 55022 ed. 3

These products are also in accordance with EU Directives, including all amendments:

LVD – 2014/35/EU
EMC – 2014/30/EC

More information

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