NEURON M – Pick the right one for your project!

Same box, different fill. Thanks to NEURON M’s variability there are many possibilities in its use. It is more than sufficient for automation projects like smart homes and smart building systems, energy monitoring, office HVAC control, and light industry automation. It is a professional PLC with enough features for more extensive projects than NEURON type S is fit for.

UniPi Neuron M

UniPi Neuron M

To every NEURON now you can get Mervis software (a professional PLC software designed particularly for control of technical equipment in smart buildings, monitoring, evaluation, and management of energy and media consumption, which facilitates energy and media savings of up to 30%) for FREE! All you have to do is just pick up Mervis as a software in our shop!



We designed NEURON M in four variants, which differ in number of relays, digital inputs and digital outputs, and each variant could have one of three available performances (up to 1GB RAM and 4×1.2GHz CPU, the best performance found in it’s class). Each NEURON also has RS485 for Modbus communication and Ethernet 10/100 Mb.


NEURON M100 together with 12 digital inputs and 4 transistor outputs features also 8 relay outputs (that means less digital inputs and relays than NEURON M200 has). This combination makes it an adequate smarthome controller which can turn on and off central heating, boilers or lights.
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NEURON M200 features 20 digital inputs, 4 transistor outputs and 14 relays. Thanks to that, it is a compact, feature equipped controller suitable for wider projects than NEURON S, like automation and energy management in bigger buildings. For example, with 1-Wire you can easily measure temperatures thanks to low-cost digital thermometers, with relays you are able to control heating or blinds in every room, with digital outputs you can switch lights and with digital inputs you are able to read from motion sensors and magnetic contacts in doors and windows.
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NEURON M300 is an excellent monitoring unit in advanced measuring systems. Thanks to its 34 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs you can get dozens of values from motion sensors, magnetic contacts, electricity meters, gas meters, water meters or any kind of digital sensors!
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With NEURON M400 features combination, 4 digital inputs and 32 different digital outputs (4 transistor + 28 relay outputs), you can switch vast amount of components. Turn on/off lights, heating in each room separately, floor heating, ventilation fans, control blinds and roller shutters, boilers or watering systems.
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Different feature combinations of NEURON M are shown in the table below.



NEURON M has excellent response time. Response time between signal on input and reaction on output reaches 0.5 ms. Every combination of NEURON type M (NEURON M100, M200, M300, M400) is offered in three performance levels, which differ in processor performance and RAM size. Neuron M can have up to 1 GB RAM! Generally Neuron offers excellent performance parameters of professional PLC for a good price. Table below shows the overview of NEURON M models and their performance levels.


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