UniPi in action: UniPi handles village water supply

Our product was put in use in order to monitor and maintain water supply in a little village Hvozdec in South Moravia, the Czech Republic in the spring of the year 2014. The task was to provide clear statistics of consumption as well as make sure residents of the village have always sufficient supply of water at their disposal all handled automatically without a necessity of man’s encroachment.

Previous water supply system was ineffective, unreliable and controlled with a difficulty by water supply’s janitor. Previous summer droughts, warm winters and resident’s irrigation systems made the situation even worse as water consumption had increased. Any efforts made to monitor the water flow were time demanding and inaccurate.

The new system using UniPi controller boards was installed tested and running in a month and a half. Whole system data was easily accessible on the internet in a clear graphical and statistical form. Short after the installation the system revealed a malfunction of one of the water pipes causing 1 752 000 liters (4 542 €) in two and a half years to be wasted and spared the village of any further needless expenses.

The UniPi water supply control system was installed in a month and a half, cost the village less than a 1000 € and the village saves 1 816 € of every year.

Our customers were very content with our product and they expressed very happily. Investment return came after less than seven months.

 “Communication with UniPi.technology was without any problems. They were always willing and eagerly reacted on our demands and questions.”


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GUI screen

GUI screen

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  1. Juan Carlos Espinosa / Reply 2015/10/19 at 2:07 am

    Id love to acquire something similar with automatisation for a water treatment plant.

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