Energy saving

Energy saving

The share of energy and media costs will increase even more in the future and their proper control is high on agenda. To react to this trend, we created the unique system, which facilitates energy and media savings for up to 30%!!!

Set the acceptable limits for heating or light intensity separately for every room, depending on time and year season and UniPi will control and manage it for you. It will turn off and turn on all the radiators when needed, during the day it can also tilt your blinds for you, so you can be woken up by natural light in the morning at pre-specified hour, and during the day the energy of the sun will be used to support the heating in your house in the winter. In the summer, vice-versa, UniPi will keep the blinds folded, so your home won’t be overheated when you come back after work.
Check the review of your energy consumption for the last week, month or year on understandable chart and see what costs you most. Also managing the effective using of the energy made from your private energy sources (for example integration of photovoltaics in modern houses) is no big deal with UniPi.

How does it work?

Solar energy for personal use

To optimize the control in specific buildings, UniPi can even use online data from the weather forecast. The data are utilized directly by the regulating system. This, separately, achieves energy savings for as much as 7%!Except the savings from pre-defined timing for particular temperatures, automatic regulation and distant control of your consumption, UniPi offers even more possibilities which can lower your bills.

Thanks to an open interface, the SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system facilitates the integration of additional plugins (supplementary modules). For example, one of the plugins is a predictive regulation for control of heating and cooling in buildings. It uses a thermodynamic model of a building to optimize the control and thereby to achieve energy saving of more than 10 %!