Benefits from weather

Would you water your garden when it’s raining? No. But if you have an electronic watering system and you are not at home to stop it, you can do nothing about it. With UniPi, you can just turn it off from your mobile, or UniPi can even do it for you and save your money. It can use a data from weather forecast, and, to be completely sure your lawn won’t turn yellow when you are on vacation, also the humidity sensors can be used.

Sprinkler of automatic watering in garden

UniPi can also run individual appliances when excess solar energy is available. For example, weather forecast says it will be sunny all day. Your solar system will produce more energy so you can use it for extra tasks. Some extra energy is needed to support the ventilation system because the weather forecast says that it will be also a very hot day, so UniPi can predict that more energy for cooling will be required. UniPi will also keep the blinds folded after you leave to avoid unnecessary overheating of the house. It all helps to optimize your consumption.
The online data from weather forecast are utilized directly by the regulating system. The achieved savings only from this module separately account for as much as 7%!