Alarm and access control

Take care of security

Make use of your already existing motion sensors. Be sure that nobody fully opens your windows and came in even when you leave them partly opened in the night. UniPi can activate a pre-defined way of alarm. Contacts of your doors, smoke detection or motion sensors, also those already installed, can help you to feel safe at your home, or to be sure everything is ok at home when you are away.

UniPi after intrusion sends you an email or SMS, or turn on the whistle, and you can set custom levels of alarm, to the individual intrusions. You can activate and deactivate your alarm simply from your mobile phone or with a switch. The activation can be set also automatically when the last person confirms exit and deactivation when anyone of the owners of the electronic key proves himself at any of the access points.

Access control

Attach the electronic key to the reading device and you can open doors, gates but also repositories. You don’t need to worry about forgetting the access codes anymore. It’s also possible to set the sending of SMS-codes to individual numbers to confirm the owner’s identity after initialization.

Automate your home gate.