Just think about all the possibilities… NEURON L is here!

The most advanced and the biggest one from NEURON line is NEURON L. It has enough inputs and outputs for more extensive projects than NEURON type S and NEURON type M have. It is suitable for complex automation systems like big smarthome projects or other building automation projects, as an additional surveillance system in industrial automation, or for large energy monitoring and data collection projects.



Besides, each NEURON has 1 analog input, 1 analog and 4 digital outputs, RS485 for Modbus communication, Ethernet 10/100 Mb and various number of relays and digital inputs. We are also preparing extensions for NEURON, so if the basic functions are not enough, you are still able to customize and enlarge your combination!

“We designed NEURON L in 3 variants, (L200, L300 and L400), which differ in number of relays and digital inputs, so it can fulfill all of the various needs of our customers. Also, every combination of NEURON L is offered in three performance levels, which differ in processor performance and RAM size.”

NEURON L has excellent performance parameters of professional PLC for a good price. Table below shows the overview of NEURON L models and their performance levels.



Neuron L200 together with 36 digital inputs and 4 transistor outputs features also 28relay outputs. That make Neuron L200 an adequate controller for greater residential buildings and automated premises, which can manage central heating, boilers, blinds or turn on/off the lights, and all of this based on values retrieved from thermometers, motion sensors, magnetic contacts in doors and windows or on inputs from switches, web interface, etc. More info


Neuron L300 features 4 transistor outputs and 64 digital inputs, the most digital inputs from the whole NEURON line. Thanks to this Neuron L300 is an excellent monitoring unit for advanced measuring systems with a lot of data points, such as thermometers, motion sensors, magnetic contacts, electricity meters, gas meters, flow meters, etc. More info


Neuron L400 features 4 digital inputs, 4 transistor outputs and 56 relays, (and of course RS485 for Modbus and 1-Wire bus for connection of digital thermometers). This all makes L400 perfect for extensive projects with huge amount of switching components, such as boilers, lights, blinds or shutters, ventilation fans, irrigation sprinklers or different household appliances, while you are still able to built the management on basis of obtained values from the data points. More info


Now all NEURONs with Mervis for FREE!

Mervis is a professional system designed particularly for advanced energy management. It’s in accordance with IEC 61131-3, what makes configuration very easy. NEURON with Mervis supports more than 90 protocols, so it’s compatible with many already installed systems! Just pick Mervis as a software and it’s yours for FREE!
And, we can offer you our quick e-mail support, regular video-tutorials on Youtube channel or fresh updates on our forum. All you have to do is just pick up Mervis as a software in our shop!


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