B2B possibilities

OEM service for developers

We are open to new ideas. Do you need product tailored to your needs? We offer the possibility to customize our products to fit in your business – non-standard solutions, customization of design, hardware modifications or custom set of printed circuit boards. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is available for orders above 50 of one product. Contact us with your idea on sales@unipi.technology.

Solution dealers

Are you a distributor of specialized technology and specific solutions? We can provide you with control units for your sortiment. From watering technology or electronic equipment to HVAC or monitoring technology, our control units offer great option for automated control in many industries. To start business with us contact us on sales@unipi.technology.

Smart system integrators

We bring new and modular technology for building management and smart automation systems. Do you want new technology in your automation solutions? UniPi products will give you an edge over your competitors. We offer good prices and great possibilities with our revolutionary technology. We have a great support and our products are well documented. In case of your interest contact us on sales@unipi.technology.

Reselling and distribution

Are you automation technology distributor or do you resell equipment for DIY and automation developers? We bring a new and successful product to the market. We offer big profit margins and are willing to agree on a good terms. For easy placing of the new product in stock we have prepared Promotion Kit with all the necessary descriptions and materials. To become our distributor contact us on sales@unipi.technology.